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About : History

The Archetype Sustainable House began with a national competition conducted by Toronto and Region Conservation (TRCA) and the Design Exchange. Architects, engineers and designers across Canada were challenged to design the ultimate environmentally friendly home that could serve as a model for housing development in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond.

The competition drew 17 qualified designs, and on June 21, 2006, the winning entry - called Building Blocks - was selected by 'blue ribbon' panel of judges. Building Blocks was a collaborative effort of three design firms and their principals: Anne Stevens (Fort Architect Inc.), Clelia lori (lori Architects) and Terrell Wong (Stone's Throw Design).

From the outset, TRCA intended to construct the winning entry at its flagship sustainability education facility, The Living City Campus at Kortright in Vaughan, Ontario. Plans for construction relied on the participation of outside partners to provide resources. One partner, The Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD), came forward in a big way with an offer to "Blitz Build" the sustainable house in just 17 days. BILD members, who represent the land development, home-building and professional renovation industries in the Greater Toronto Area, will contribute materials and labour to help make this project possible.

Working alongside the architects is a Blitz Build project team, assembled to oversee the coordination of the 17-day construction, which began July 8, 2008.