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The House : Green Construction Site


One aspect of the LEED certification is to meet certain requirements even when building your home.

Waste Management

One of the number one priorities at the sustainable house build site is to have 100 percent waste diversion. This is made possible in many ways:

  • Volunteers who constantly comb the site for scraps and debris such as nails, wood, trim, plastics and compostable items and sort them into the appropriate bins.
  • All construction waste is sorted in bins and recycled on site or sent to facilities to recycle.
  • Even the plates and cups that are used at lunch are made of organic material and can be composted.
  • Re-usable cups are given to each new volunteer or trades person to use throughout the day and volunteers are constantly ensuring everyone is hydrated.


The entire site is being powered by solar power trailers, including where the contractors plug in their power tools and their lights, even down to the washrooms.