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The House : Water

Effective and efficient use of water is an important part of a sustainable home. The Archetype Sustainable House incorporates all the following advances in water efficiency.


  • Low flow toilets
  • Low flow air raters on all shower/tap fixtures
  • Advanced plumbing with timed recirculation of hot water
  • Hands free fixtures so when you don¡¯t need the water it is not running!


  • Planting of native plants and species which are drought tolerant.
  • Bioswales are landscape elements designed to remove silt and pollution from surface runoff water. They consist of a swaled drainage course with gently sloped sides (less than six percent) and filled with vegetation, compost.


  • Permeable pavement which will allow more water absorption into the ground below through paved areas like the drive way.

Water Collection and filtration

  • Cisterns are storage tanks for rain that has been collected from the roof or other areas. The homes include these storage units for rain water disbursement.
  • Point of entry water filtration equipment is included the houses.
  • Both house A and B have a French drain which pumps the water into a large 6000 litre cistern around the foundation wall. The water collected from the French drain around both houses flow to the cistern. This water is then used for toilet water in both houses.
  • The houses have a wetland wastewater treatment system that treats all the sewage water.